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Official of the Year

Boys 2009-2010 Winners

Section 1: Walter Wedgie

Section 2: Andrew Scampini

Section 3: Adam Partyka, Rusty Cooper


Section 4: Scott Berg, Rob Goble

Section 5: Robert Sneddon

Section 6: Mike Nagorski

Section 7: Tom Edwards

Section 8: John Zietler

Section 9: Kyle Walters

Section 10: Vroman

NYS Private Schools: Tom Courtney, Mike Palumbo

NYC-Catholic: Douglas Grant

Girls 2009-2010 Winners

Section 1: Donna Spafford

Section 2: Floyd Douglas

Section 3: Don Eastham

Section 4: Butch Crozier, Dennis Carey

Section 5: Steve Eagle

Section 7: Randy Lozier

Section 8: James Borek

Section 9: Mike Siegel

Section 11: Monika Kost

NYS Private Schools: Michael Pucci

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